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Connect! Working International – cultural differences

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Working internationally challenges your worldviews, your ways of being and doing. Existing routines are called into question, and feelings can run high. Learning how to behave in a new cultural group is like learning to write with your other hand. The key is in how to deal with the cultural dynamics. A cultural intelligent person has the ability to apply his or her personal style of working and leadership in a way that is appropriate to a specific cultural context. Emotional intelligence applied in different cultural environments. With creativity and pragmatism. With realism and optimism. Celebrating the differences.

Focus and topics to choose from:

So much to tell, learn and share around working internationally. Most of our lectures at this (Dutch) website apply to the international context and can also be delivered in English. Visit our English website of The Culture Academy to learn more our international activities. In the lectures and master classes below we’ll focus mainly on the cultural differences between people in their ways of communication, leadership and working styles.

Topics we can include:

  • intercultural communication
  • different leadership styles across cultures
  • power and ranking
  • cultural different perceptions on: time, tasks, locus of control, feedback,..
  • importance of rituals
  • anthropological meaning of culture
  • typical Dutch
  • inclusive decision-making
  • boundary spanning leadership
  • diversity & inclusion
  • global leadership
  • international teamwork


Jitske Kramer


English or Dutch

Keynote: 30 – 90 minutes, 10 – 5000 people

The potential of cultural dynamics.

An up-tempo and inspiring keynote, about how to release the potential power of (cultural) differences. You will hear about cultural differences, boundary spanning leadership, inclusive decision-making and the impact of power and ranking on cultural dynamics. The 8 inclusion principles will be our guideline. Depending on your needs, we will decide on the specific focus. Empowering, exotic and down to earth, idealistic and pragmatic. Not to be missed.

Master class: half day to a full day, 10 – 5000 people

We offer a variety of possibilities to make this keynote into a master class. The keynote will be the theoretic backbone, followed up by interactive activities. The type of activities and working methods are always tailored to your needs, the cultural preferences of the group and the practical possibilities of the venue. Number of participants: 10 to 5000 participants, unless otherwise indicated.

1. Master class: Working together across cultures. 18 – 100 people

Following the keynote lecture, participants will be immersed in a simulation in which they are confronted in a very lively way with the effects of difference. The simulation will be debriefed and discussed effectively on the basis of our Cultural Stepping Stones model. A powerful way of learning about each other, ourselves and cultural dynamics.

2. Master class: Rhythms of cultures, 18 – 50 people

In this master class, we investigate cultural different communications styles and how this effect our ways of influencing, giving feedback, leading meetings and writing emails. The way we explore these differences is unique: we use the universal language of music. Get ready to join us on a musical voyage of discovery, based around the Richard Lewis’ cultures model.

3. The successful D&I program: uTalent – make the mix work

To really improve diversity and inclusion in companies, we developed a program called ‘uTalent – make the mix work’. This program is based on our 8 inclusion principles. We offer a series of 4 master classes 4 and / or a series of 4 workshops. The master classes focus on the strategic issues around diversity and inclusion; how to achieve greater diversity and create a (more) inclusive work culture. Suitable for strategic leadership and HR, diversity managers. The workshops deal with the same themes, but focus on the cooperation within teams. The uTalent program uses specially developed films based on the inclusion principles, stories, exercises, music, reflection and cases to jump start discussion. An unique program that moves people and changes collective thinking on diversity and inclusion. Only if you are ready for real change.

8 inclusion principles

Inschrijven leergang, trainingen congressen

  • Leergang Organisatiecultuur. Corporate Antropologie – echt aan de slag met organisatiecultuur

    Intensieve en unieke leergang. Data en inschrijven.

  • Training Talk! Faciliteren van kampvuurgesprekken

    Door ons ontwikkelde dialoogvorm, geinspireerd op dialoogvormen van over de hele wereld. Data en inschrijven.

  • Training Own Your Rank

    Over ranking en positie pakken. Krachtig én verbindend zijn. Data en inschrijven.

  • Training Deep Democracy

    Krachtige besluitvormingsmethode, werken met de onderstroom. Meer info en inschrijven:

  • Training Deep Democracy Level 4

    Echt gegrepen door Deep Democracy en verder op dit pad? De Level 4 training focust op een dieper begrip van jezelf en dan speciaal in relatie tot conflict, projectie en roltheorie. Trainer: Frank Weijers. Inschrijven kan hier.

  • 28-29 Oktober 2017: Why the world needs anthropologists

    Powering the planet! Een antroplogie congres in Durham (UK). En wij zijn er ook! Walter Faaij geeft een workshop over hoe je duurzaamheid in het DNA van je organisatie kunt veranderen. Meer informatie en inschrijven

  • 7 november 2017: Rhythm of Life, Jitske Kramer en Typhoon

    Na het grote succes van het eerste seminar in april, gaan Jitske en Typhoon nogmaals samen de planken op. Meld je snel aan voor dit bruisende event! Meer informatie en inschrijven.

  • 14 November 2017: Noloc Loopbaancongres

    Verschillende sprekers zullen je inspireren rondom het centrale thema ‘Verbinding!’ Jitske Kramer is een van de keynote sprekers. Meer informatie en inschrijven.

  • 28 November 2017 college Verandermanagement voor Focus Conferences

    Danielle Braun geeft op 28 november een college in de collegereeks Verandermanagement voor Focus Conferences, meer informatie over dit college vindt u hier.

  • 1 December 2017: Jaarcongres Verandermanagement

    Alweer de zevende editie van hét Jaarcongres Verandermanagement. Met in ieder geval Ben Tiggelaar, Hans Vermaak en Jitske Kramer. Meer informatie en inschrijven.

  • 1 December 2017: Mediationcongres 2017

    Danielle Braun is één van de sprekers op het Mediationcongres 2017, meer informatie over dit congres vindt u hier.

  • 12 December 2017: Event Corporate Culture

    Omdat vorig jaar zo'n geweldig succes was, doen we het dit jaar weer! Een inspirerende reis door de Corporate Tribe. Met in ieder geval Danielle Braun en Jitske Kramer. Meer informatie en inschrijven.

  • 6-12 Mei 2018: Deep Democracy Griekenland

    Voor de vijfde keer organiseren we een intensieve Deep Democracy week in Griekenland (level 2 en 3). Met Jitske Kramer en Frank Weijers. Meer informatie en inschrijven.

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